Gio Nailati

Offical Website for Gio Nailati Formally Known as DJ Italian SenSation. 


Gio Nailati (formally known as DJ Italian SenSation), is an international DJ/Producer/Audio Engineer who exploded onto the scene in 2008. Gio Nailati has sold out clubs and festivals across the U.S... and produced some massive EDM tracks. Gio Nailati's remixes "Starkilla", and "Feel like dying" (released in 2007), reached over 2 million plays on myspace in it's prime, and his first EP release "F.A.Y.H", reached the number 1 spot on beatport’s top 100. Recently Gio's music has been just about everywhere, making it's way into huge playlists, gigantic youtube channels, mainstream radio, top 100 DJ sets, and some pretty big films and TV Shows. Two of which include the highly anticipated film "Blade of the Immortal" from award winning director Takashi Miike, and 12 episodes of the infamous Ellen DeGeneres show. Gio Nailati has been influenced by an eclectic range of artists, from the dirty sounds of Afrojack and Valentino Khan, to the banging beats of DJ Caffeine and GTA. Gio Nailati is known for delivering fast pace, exciting, diverse performances...blending genres ranging from House and Electro, all the way to trap and hardstyle. He produces music for DJs and dance floors alike that is interesting enough to crossover from the clubs to your phone.